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  • Motorola CLIQ and CLIQ XT to get Android 2.1 later than thought

Motorola CLIQ and CLIQ XT to get Android 2.1 later than thought

Motorola CLIQ and CLIQ XT to get Android 2.1 later than thought
Tuesday was the end of the second quarter which means that there is no way that Motorola could meet its rollout schedule that called for both the CLIQ and CLIQ XT to receive Android 2.1 during Q2. Both phones currently run cupcake which really lags behind the times and doesn't let owners of the pair really get the applications and features that most Android phones are equipped with today. Motorola says that the upgrades will happen "as soon as possible" which makes you wonder what made the Schaumburg based firm think it would be able to push out 2.1 for both phones before the end of June. Or more precisely, what happened to prevent the upgrade from happening before the second quarter ended. Motorola's Facebook page leaves a link to the manufacturer's support forum where the company says it will provide the upgrade when it can provide the "best possible user experience".

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source: Facebook via MotorolaSupportforum

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posted on 20 Oct 2010, 01:47

1. Thump3rDX17 (Posts: 2160; Member since: 10 May 2010)

you really greased this one up Moto! >:[ i'm a Devour owner but i'm thinking the upgrade will come around the same time these things get theirs or maybe a little later so Verizon can clear the OTA update.

posted on 04 Jul 2010, 14:31

3. iHateCrapple (Posts: 734; Member since: 12 Feb 2010)

a Devour? God I am so sorry! Why the f*ck would you get that phone?

posted on 01 Jul 2010, 10:46

2. remixfa (Posts: 14605; Member since: 19 Dec 2008)

they have blur phones with 2.1 running now.. what the hell is the hold up moto?!? I bet it has something to do with the way they hard coded blur into the phone.. which makes it nearly impossible to get off.. just ask the mod community. :)

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