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Motorola CEO defends Moto X specs, touts "high-end performance"

Motorola CEO defends Moto X specs, touts "high-end performance"
There has been a lot of chatter from the geek crowd about the Moto X spec sheet. Many think that the device is somehow lacking because (to boil down the argument) "the numbers aren't big enough". People see the numbers that go with the CPU and display, and decide that because those numbers aren't as high as other phones, the Moto X couldn't possibly be as good. We've already defended the Moto X, and now the Motorola CEO Dennis Woodside is doing the same.

In a new interview with AllThingsD, Woodside has reiterated that the Moto X wasn't designed to have a spec sheet to drool over, because the device isn't aimed at spec nerds, it's aimed at the average consumer. Because of that fact, Motorola "made some different choices from our competitors. [It was] thinking about the total user experience." He even went directly at one of the big arguing points of the device - the screen:
Woodside kept with the company line that the thinking behind the Moto X was to invest in improvements that users would actually notice, like the always-on voice, Active Display notification system, Moto Assist, etc. 

We know that a lot of you don't agree. But, having used the device, we fully understand the aims that Motorola had; and, we think the company has been successful in creating a device that meets those aims. It carries a premium price tag, because that's what companies do when they are marketing a device as a premium product with a premium experience. Now, it's just a matter of making that marketing successful. 

source: AllThingsD
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