Motorola Blaze shows its (ugly) face

Motorola Blaze shows its (ugly) face
We've heard rumors of Motorola's touchscreen Blaze, most notably when it was mentioned as compatible with Verizon's upcoming Visual Voicemail service. Well BGR has finally snapped some shots, there it is! It's not the prettiest device in the world, in fact it's not very attractive at all, mixing a MING-like cover with PEBL and RAZR2 elements. The feature set seems rather pedestrian- GPS, Bluetooth, 2MP camera- with EVDO Rev. A the only standout feature. Their early impression isn't too favorable, and with the better-spec'd Dare already available the Blaze seems too little too late. Then again, that's been Motorola's calling card for years now. Hit the link for more pictures, but BGR's gallery isn't displaying full size images right now.

source: BGR



1. C-Chickie unregistered

ITS A TOUCHSCREEN PAPER WEIGHT!!!!!! Wow, thank you Motorola for another plain phone. If your going to produce a touchscreen how about throwing in at least similar features everyone else has in the market.You made a touchscreen [insert Oh's and Aw's]. Yet is has your basic features you include in your other phones. COME ON BE ORIGINAL WITH THIS THING! AT LEAST MAKE IT 'PRETTY'.

2. VZWRep unregistered

Yeah I can understand peoples reactions to this. Come on Motorola! You telling me that the guy that invented the RAZR is all out of ideas? Is Nokia gonna take over your spot with Verizon? Somethings wrong in your sinking ship. All I can say right now is "LG Dare, Wow! Wow! Wow!" Awesome phone!

4. ihasvoyager unregistered

if i remember correctly, there was an article on digg a while ago which featured an email from the creator or someone who was really invovled with the RAZR and it's success. The email was to the current head of Motorola and it basically critized him of running the company into the ground. It wasn't a very nice email. I'm sure you can find it somewhere, but from what i gathered, Motorola doesn't have much longer. I mean look at that POS above. Seriously? How can they possibly compete with the foreign companies? I searched around for you and found the letter i was talking about. and here's another good one. But back to my point... The creator of the RAZR passed away recently and the executives at Motorola have no idea what they are doing.

13. unregistered

If u do realise, in the open letter to all Motorola's board of directors written by the PA of the former CMO, the Chief Marketing Officer who came up with the RAZR in 2004, passed away of a heart attack in 2005, and his wife committed suicide shortly, pinning the blame on pressure by Motorola's top executives. In 2005, he had underlined the next vision for Motorola, that is to concentrate on Social Networking. However, after he passed on, nobody followed the roadmap, but instead they concentrated so much on making the KRZR K1 the flagship of 2005 so much so that in the face of criticism from within its own designers, it was the infamous Ron Garriques, head of the mobile unit who insisted on making it Motorola's main offering for that year. He even went on to dismiss the notion of Samsung regaining the 2nd spot when interviewed saying " Samsung? I've never heard of that company. " From then onwards, they simply missed the boat, with them recycling the same design cues from the RAZR, thinking cameras, functionality and interface do not matter. Basically, its people like Ed Zander and Ron Garriques that screwed up the roadmap of the company and led it to its dismal situation now.

3. unregistered

Well it would be good if it were a cheaply priced touchscreen phone. I think a good price range would be $129.99-149.99, anything more would be a robbery, especially with better phones like the Dare and Voyager in their own line-up.

5. unregistered

I think if Motorola made the external speaker smaller and silver instead of red, and also the ring around the camera silver instead of red, the phone would look quite acceptable.

6. DBD unregistered

OMG, this "thing" is so ugly. Motorola is going down... slowly.

21. Supamhan unregistered

This phone reminds me of poop!

7. unregistered

I think its so sexy!

8. crd22

Posts: 77; Member since: Apr 15, 2008

The Razr and the Razr2 (can you say overpriced?) are Motorola's only good phones. Doesn't look like they want to add another one. I can't even say that the Razr2 was good, because it's $250 price tag (which lasted for over a year) outweighs the quality phone it really is.

11. unregistered

Yeah the Razr should never have been as expensive as it was (and still is).

12. unregistered

Razr2 that is.

9. unregistered

if this phone is gonna sell, it needs to be dirt cheap, I mean like FREE cheap.

10. MMEERR unregistered

Motorola is like Ol' Yeller... It needs to be put out of its misery... Somebody please bring Ol' Moto out to the barn and SHOOT HER!!!

14. unregistered

Motorola Granny-phone series?

15. unregistered

The musical key in the upper part is just... Retro!

16. xmguy unregistered

I actually like it. Flip/touch screen phone. HATE, the color though.

17. unregistered

I don't think it is horrible needs some minor adjustments mainly in the coloring but otherwise it does look promising..I am getting kind of sick of Motorola making all these phones that look like the razr and the krzr but they aren't really anything like them...This is something different.

18. xcar unregistered

motorola what the hell are you thinking !? i think i know what blaze is code for, somebody on the pipe . just stick to creating the first touch moto Q , now that would be something . or perhaps hire the people that created this new nvidia concept phone an get rid of some of the dead weight you got over there killing your investors dreams , hunker down and get'er done over there. one nation under the Q.

19. unregistered

look people, I like red, so i like the color. Yes, some people dont like red, perhaps they could make other skins. But I am tired of the paper this phones. When I want a phone, i want to be able to feel it. Screw the thin phone revoloution, in my opinion, Casio's type V is the best phone ever made. I willl be getting this phone, and I will be giving it a fair chance. And if it is indeed a piece of crap.. well then Dare here I come.

20. unregistered

"It's not the prettiest device in the world, in fact it's not very attractive at all" Hmmm. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I don't know how the Blaze will fare, but I do know it looks a lot like the Ming. I owned a Ming and I also do know that it got more positive attention when I brought it out than any other phone I have owned, including my iPhone.

22. phoneaddikt unregistered

Uhm I thought this was the Krave?

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