Visual Voicemail coming to Verizon

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Visual Voicemail coming to Verizon
With AT&T's iPhone and Sprint's Instinct offering Visual Voicemail service, you know Verizon wouldn't be too far behind. Now we've heard that the carrier will be introducing this service beginning in late July or early August. The big difference here is that you'll have to fork-over $1.99 per month for Visual Voicemail, as it will be a downloadable BREW application through VCast. As it is fairly new, it is expected to only be available on a few select devices, such as the LG Chocolate 3, Voyager "Refresh", Motorola Blaze and Utopia. Missing from the list is the LG Dare, but it seems likely that it will be added eventually.

source: Engadget Mobile



1. jrcrow unregistered

Good job VZW!..another way to take more hard earned $$$ from people!!! E

54. unregistered

VZW deserves that hard earned money. They worked hard to earn it from you. The called an economy.... Can you say economy? Say it with me.. ee-con-oh-me.

55. unregistered

****** It's called an economy ******** correction

2. unregistered

Things like this only tempt me even more to jump from the Big Red boat. The ONLY reason I'm with VZW is because my girlfriend has it, and she refuses to switch networks, but can't afford to talk to me if I change. Too bad there isn't a general sense of comity between the different carriers. It'd make like a lot easier. On a side note, its probably a great thing for Apple that VZW didn't agree to the iPhone deal. Can you imagine the extra fees incorporated with such a popular phone?!?

21. unregistered

you.....are a retard, if you want to go to another company, then do it. everyone is offering unlimited plans now so i'm sure it wont cost you too much. i think the real reason you don't want to switch is because you know you won't get near as good of coverage or service with anyone else. oh yeah, and did you hear that at&t is gunna carge $5 more for their internet package on the new iphone just because its 3g? they are just gunna charge $1.99 for the visual vm, you still have the option of taking the free vm that comes with the plan.

32. unregistered

It's actually $10 more for the iPhone data, and NOT because it's 3G, but because the phone is considered a PDA now with it's new capabilities and ALL PDA's pay $30 for data.... Not supporting VZW's charging or not charging of VVM, just can't believe the people who call other's out and don't know the facts they are using to support their claims....

41. unregistered

pda's can have 3rd party apps loaded into them....don't try to dis me homie. i use a pda. its funy that they are bringing they're charge up when vzw just dropped theirs to $29.99. pda's can also take videos and send mms. last i heard, iphone technically wasn't a pda. support that claim

56. unregistered

iphone is not a pda. iphone 3g is a pda.

64. unregistered

i agree with you. WHATS THE BIG DEAL!!! Its just something EXTRA! It's not like they are making you pay the $1.99, twisting your arm. ITS OPTIONAL! IF YOU WANT THE EXTRA< PAY THE PRICE... if you wanna be economical .. then just stick with *86 and save 2 bucks a month.

3. unregistered

at&t has tons of fees as well. now that the 3g iphone is locked to at&t only (so far), people will start complaining.

4. unregistered

Whatever happened to Verizon's "any device, any app" initiative? That was all the rage in Feb. and March, but I haven't read anything recently about it.

6. Esquire0399

Posts: 53; Member since: Apr 09, 2008

That was never planned to start until the second half of this year. Just wait up.

15. unregistered

Is VZW getting an Android enabled phone? Anyone know?

20. unregistered

No...Verizon is going with LiMo

25. unregistered

Verizon is going to be using both, LiMo most likely will be th preferred os

34. unregistered

what is LiMo? Is is BREW based or JAVa based?

50. unregistered

android will be on the phones at the beginning of next year if not the end of this year

65. unregistered

whats Limo?

5. some guy unregistered

a carrier that has fee's? oh my! these exclusive devices cost a lot of money, and acquiring companies costs a lot of money, its gotta come from can not pay money, and get what you pay for...or you can pay money, and get service from a carrier that routinely wins award after award

7. cellhead unregistered

Wow, imagine that! How lazy are you to get your voicemail delivered to you visually then complain about paying for such a service? Today I had a customer complain that we charge for data on her Blackberry!!! It's like me buying a new PC, taking it home and expecting free high speed internet as part of the price. If you use it, pay for it!

8. crd22

Posts: 77; Member since: Apr 15, 2008

What is Visual Voicemail? I've never heard of it on the iPhone or any other phone.

10. unregistered

it displays your voicemails on the screeen, like who called, how long it is. so u dont have to call a number and go thru all ur messages.

11. crd22

Posts: 77; Member since: Apr 15, 2008

If that's it, it isn't a service we should have to pay for. Although Verizon has the best network and coverage, their pricing really drags it down.

14. unregistered

I agree

18. unregistered

don't worry, eventually they will free it up. not many people remember but that vcast music identifier thing cost 99 cents at its initial release. But after about 2 days they realized it was not worth it, and decided to make it free. I'm betting verizon will do it for this app as well. No one is going to pay for it, and then verizon will realize the only way people will verizon give recognition for having visual voicemail would be if they let everyone have it. it should be more a perk for the phone than a costly add on.

57. unregistered


9. unregistered

wats the voyager "refresh", a new voyager??

26. unregistered

its a silver voyager, the SKU is in the system

46. xmguy unregistered

Will this option be available for the current Voyager ??

69. unregistered

are you dumb its jsut a software update there is no new color? What system are you talking about?

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