Motorola BACKFLIP won't see Android 2.1 update until the third quarter

Motorola BACKFLIP won't see Android 2.1 update until the third quarter
Good news for those AT&T customers that decided to take the early plunge in purchasing the Motorola BACKFLIP – Android 2.1 will eventually make its way onto the device some time during the third quarter of this year. Some may argue how AT&T crippled the Android experience on the handset by opting to throw in some of their proprietary applications, but thankfully it'll be treated to the latest version of the platform. Even with the rumors of the Samsung Galaxy S being possibly taken in by the carrier, the Motorola BACKFLIP will surely get a new lease on its shelf life thanks to Android 2.1. Although it's yet unclear when the update is actually expected to be rolled out in Q3, the worse case scenario would point to a fall release – which is of course a while away from now. Despite that, we're confident that the device will somehow manage to continue selling as it's now looking more promising.

Motorola BACKFLIP Specifications | Review

source: Motorola Support Forums


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