Moto Maker gets an interactive print ad in Wired magazine

Moto Maker gets an interactive print ad in Wired magazine
Before the Moto X was launched, there was a report that claimed Google had authorized a $500 million marketing budget for Motorola, but we haven't really seen much come of that. There were the various "Lazy Phone" ads, and the Moto Maker TV spots didn't really start to play until AT&T's exclusivity on the customization software had ended. We're not sure how much of that budget is left, but a new print ad in Wired shows some creativity from Motorola.

The ad is an interactive one page spread designed with LEDs which allow you to actually change the color of the Moto X on the page. You can only change the back plate color, not the front or highlights, but it is an impressive and simple way to convey a major feature of the phone in a print ad. Unfortunately, the special ad isn't going to be in all of the copies of the January 2014 Wired magazine. If you want to check out the ad, you're going to have to either find your way to New York and Chicago, or have someone grab you one from one of those cities. 

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source: The Verge

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