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Sad but true: most people use their phones while driving

Sad but true: most people use their phones while driving
Phones just do too much these days. They are our go-to devices for chatting, recording, checking stuff online, getting directions, you name it. It's just hard not to reach for them the second something passes our mind, or we need to reach someone. Heaven forbid that a notification goes unchecked! That's is why we asked you last week whether you use your phone while driving, and just 30% of our 1424 respondents answered in the negative. Most of us use their handsets every once in a while in the car while behind the wheel, and a full 23% are very often reaching for the unlock button when driving, sad but true.

Do you use your phone while driving?

Very often
I reach for it sometimes

Distracted driving is reaching epic (and epidemic) proportions, as people even have trouble keeping strictly in their lanes now, while perusing their handsets for texting, chatting, or even playing Pokemon Go by defeating the whole purpose of the game. Case in point is the new hands-free law in Georgia that forbids even touching your handset while behind the wheel. That one resulted in more than a 100 tickers per day since its introduction at the beginning of the month, but we are fairly certain that any traffic cop standing at any of our great nation's city crossroads could achieve the same Georgian "success" story.

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