Can't touch this! Georgia's draconian phone-in-car law nets 1000 tickets for 10 days

Georgia's new hands-free cell phone law: More than 1,000 tickets, warnings issued
Georgia's draconian hands-free cell phone law came into effect less than two weeks ago, and authorities are already counting the fines revenue. We kid, but Georgia Department of Public Safety has given a thousand formal warnings and 320 citations, 86 of which from the Atlanta Police Department.

It's not hard to fathom why, given that the new law puts a restraining order on your phone while in the car, and forbids holding it in the hand, or even touching it while you are driving. Using it as a GPS unit, though, as well as chatting via a Bluetooth headset or on speaker, are allowed, as is connecting the phone to your car's head unit. As per Robert Hydrick, communications director for the Governor's Office of Highway Safety:

For now, the warnings are mostly verbal with rarely a consequence, despite that no grace period was announced for Georgian drivers when the law kicked into effect. Its punishment clauses, however, stipulate $50 fine for the first incident, $100 for a second, and $150 for a third and more conviction, which could quickly add up if you haven't built the obligatory cell-phone-in-car manners in your first seven years of existence.

source: AL

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