Most Americans do not support full ban of cellphone use while driving

Some Americans disagree with legislation to ban use of cellphones while driving
Parrot, the world's largest manufacturer of hand-free kits for cars, commissioned a survey to see what American drivers felt about proposed legislation to fully ban the use of cellphones while driving. We would probably all be guilty of driving while texting, or calling or checking on the score of that big game on our cellular device. As a result, it might be no surprise that a little more than 3 out of 4 Americans surveyed said that they feel that people  would be somewhat likely to vote against any law maker who was in favor of the NSC's proposed ban on cellphones if it were to pass in their state. 46% of Americans said that true voice-activated hands-free devices make using cellphones while driving safe and should not be banned. For that question, speakerphones and Bluetooth devices were not considered as a hands-free alternative because most of them are not fully voice activated and require manipulation of the handset. The bottom line, not a surprise considering the products that Parrot makes, suggests that voice activated kits are the best solution for those who want to drive and call.

source: Parrot

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