More people placing phone calls over the Internet, Microsoft's Skype acquisition to boost that trend

More people placing phone calls over the Internet, Microsoft's Skype acquisition to boost that trend
The number of adults with Internet access that are talking on the phone through some sort of VoIP protocol has increased from 8% four years ago, to a quarter of all users now. This interesting observation comes from a report by the Pew Research Center's Internet & American Life Project, whose Director Lee Rainie also notes that Microsoft's purchase of Skype will likely put fire under this phenomenon, when Microsoft integrates Skype with its other software.

If the trend continues, "phone calls" in the not-so-distant future might boil down to voice or video chat transfer over Internet connection on your convergence device, be it a smartphone, a tablet, or something else, giving those rusty communication satellites flying over our heads a much needed break.

Verizon's LTE network, for example, to which more and more people will be hooking up when it expands coverage and the prices start dropping, is primarily a data network, and the carrier is jumping through hoops with manufacturers to provide Voice-over-LTE services.

The fun part will begin when instead of cell phone numbers we are all known with our chat avatars, although we know people for whom this might not be that funny.

source: PewInternet via WTOP



2. Droid_X_Doug

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And for those of you who think that MS will enhance Skype for non-MS environments, I have some land on the Moon that you might be interested in. MS is doing everything they can to get into the smartphone market. All of the new Skype features will only be released on WP7+. Google and Apple will have to build out their competing applications.

5. corps1089

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Just like they are keeping all of bing's features for WP7?

10. Lucas777

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ya honestly u r stupid... did they release photosynth for wp7? what about the bing apps? what god damn office? they arnt just on wp7... microsoft is smart, and although i like mac better, they will dow ahtever to make windows and wp7 have the most market share possible, but they wont pass on an oppurtunity to develop elsewhere

3. chix017 unregistered



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The rise of VOIP dominant communication is imminent. Before that it was okay to use VOICE without text message. Then SMS & MMS overpowered VOICE. Then DATA overpowered all before. Voice, text & chat messaging and video chat all done via internet connection. Skype will continues and expect more companies in the hot VOIP market.

9. jtech unregistered

Damn phone arena you have to stop all these stupid fucking comments about shoes and shit! ^^^

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