More news on the Apple tablet; EA already working on games?

More news on the Apple tablet; EA already working on games?
iLounge has "double-confirmed" some information that they have heard about the upcoming Apple tablet. One story is that the device will have two dock connectors so it can be hooked up in either portrait or landscape. This prevents any cables from twisting when docking with 3rd party accessories. Also, the back of the tablet will be metal except for a long rear strip to allow for wireless broadcasting. The original iPhone had a similar strip due to the fact that metal can prevent radio signal transmissions. Besides offering built in Wi-Fi, iLounge says that the tablet will offer optional 3G which fits perfectly with other reports that carriers (Verizon?) might be offering a subsidized price on the tablet.

According to the WSJ, games publisher Electronic Arts is working with Apple on games that show off the capabilities of the tablet. In fact, according to the same article, Apple has been in touch with a broad range of content providers-some names that we have reported before-from the New York Times, to CBS and Walt Disney. One of the things that Apple wants for the tablet is a monthly subscription to receive television shows. The gang at Cupertino also envision the tablet playing a big part in the classroom through the use of electronic textbook technology. Parents, watch out. That could be a good excuse for your kids to demand the tablet when it's launched.

source: iLounge, WSJ via MacRumors


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