More information on Touch Diamond and Raphael for both Sprint and Verizon

This article contains unofficial information.
More information on Touch Diamond and Raphael for both Sprint and Verizon
Yesterday we posted an article saying that the Sprint variant of the Touch Diamond may launch this month, but now we have slightly different information. Thanks to a few comments from our readers and some internal documents, we’ve pretty much got the information everybody wanted.

First, HTC Touch Diamond will be called HTC Victor for Sprint and HTC Diamond for Verizon. Sprint’s variant runs on Qualcomm 7501A chipset with 528MHz processor, 256MB ROM, 256MB RAM and 4GB internal memory. Verizon’s runs on Qualcomm 7500 chipset with 400MHz processor, has half the RAM (128MB) and has microSD cards slot instead of 4GB NAND flash. Sprint’s Victor will have an accelerometer (Motion G Sensor), Rev.A straight out of the box, and aluminum frame. Verizon’s Diamond lacks the sensor, is Rev.A upgradable and has stainless steel frame. Other features seem to be similar to the GSM model and identical for both, including 2.8” VGA display, 3.2MP autofocus camera, TouchFLO 3D, Opera browser and YouTube client.

The CDMA equivalent of the HTC Touch Pro will be called HTC Herman for Sprint and HTC Raphael for Verizon. They are QWERTY variants of respectively the Victor and the Diamond and have similar specifications, but twice the ROM memory (512MB for both). Herman trades Victor’s 4GB for memory card slot and Raphael’s frame is also made out of aluminum instead of steel.

A few of our readers report that the Victor will be available with Sprint on September 02, 2008, and the Herman will come one month later. There is no exact information when Verizon Wireless will release the Diamond and the Raphael, but it is expected that Sprint will have 30 days exclusivity.

Please keep in mind we cannot guarantee this information is correct, as it is not official. It is possible that the names or the specifications of the models change with their announcement.

source: LessthanZach and Ken, and anonymous PhoneArena readers



1. alpap unregistered

ha sprint version is way better and verizon versions doesnt even have a motion sensor lol lol lol what losers

2. unregistered

why no accelerometer for the version going to vzw?

9. unregistered

No accelerometer for vzw! That's horse C#$P. I've been waiting for this phone for a while, and and now they're taking away one of the best features. If I wasn't being held prisoner by vzw I probably would have left awhile ago.

17. unregistered

In the processor comparison fields, does anyone know what the ISM represents? I notice the Verizon phones have more, but not sure what type of memory this is.

28. phillipxenxciel

Posts: 14; Member since: Jul 23, 2008

if u saw a topic about sprint selling towels to have more money on corporation development a few days ago, then u know what happen, spring paid more to HTC to make the diamond better, and verizon vers is not a surprise cus they always do that, all their phones are missing something from the original vers

34. unregistered

what u comparin about verizon has way better phones than sprint i mean way better just let us sprin users enyoy this one :)

44. unregistered

This one?....Please elaborate one some of these "way better" phones becasue I'm having trouble finding may. Let's see the Touch (6900) is about the same but the Sprint version has a much better housing. The Insticnt puts the Gylde, Dare and Voyager to shame and the Decoy is just plain ugly (look at an m520 for a good looking slider). The new Chocolate looks dead up like the Muzic and Fusic with the same cheap housing feel like the Muzic. Both have the exact same line up as far a BB so no advantage there either. As far as WM both have 6900/6800....Sprints have Rev A and GPS....I have not seen VZ release the updates for theirs yet. Both have the Centro and Q9 and Spritn release both back in October and I don't see the Treo 800 yet for VZ. This is the most aticipated for this year not named iPhone and they droped the big red ball! I forget I will give you the enV and 9400 becasue the only thing Sprint has that is even close is the Rumor and it is not comparison.

50. to 50. unregistered

if sprint has such great phones, then why doesnt everyone switch over to their cheaper plans. hello ! its cause sprint does NOT have good phones !!!!! thats why they are not the number on carrier in the nation like verizon. lets go down a list of all the cool phone verizon has. the dare - way better then the instinct with its accelerometer, 3.2 megapixel camera, and gorgeous interserface. the voyager - sprint simply does not have a teen friendly technologically advanced messaging phone. the glyde - i think this phone is gay but hey, its an option. the env - another great messaging phone. the venus - no there is a great looking slider the flip shot - innovative design and a 3.2 mp shooter...thats right verizon has (2) 3.2 mp camera phone...sprint has 0! the chocolate 3 - gorgeous flip phone with a humongous outside display with advanced capabilities....the muziq has nothing ! the alias - although i hate it...spirnt does not have both a flip phone and a messaging phone in one. as well as a host of good sliders such as the decoy and the iconic chocolate. as well as a host of good smartphones. like world edition blackberry which sprint does not have. face it. sprint sucks

62. unregistered

Actually Sprint's Diamond is with its original specs... just verizon crippled the good phone again. So next time just get your facts straight. I don't wanna argue, i'm just writing the facts ;) Re$pec7

69. LessthanZach

Posts: 106; Member since: Apr 29, 2008

Im pretty sure that VERIZON did not cripple the Diamond, rather, Sprint paid more for their version to have more expensive and advanced components built in. Yeah, last time I remember Verizon does not build the phone, therefore, cannot cripple it.

89. ur a douch3 unregistered

NO One cares about ugly phones... and yes sprint does have the blackberry world edition.... the only reason verizon has more customers is because people are accustomed to verizon at home.. Obviously now they suck at that too .. your probably on cable modem rite.... any how stop whining go do something healthy...bake a cake that looks like your treasured diamond.. and let it burn in the oven... cuz sprint's version is better!!!

91. LookingForAnswersNotFlame unregistered

I would like to second this. What is ISM and why does the Verizon version have more?

97. unregistered

The Dare isn't better than the Instinct Mogul is better than the Voyager, Glyde, Env Rumor is better than the Alias Why did you even put the Chocolate 3 up here lol you verizon fan boys kill me. The only reason why Verizon as a company is better than sprint is because customer service and a few more roaming agreements. Sprint has better phones point blank period

101. unregistered

Yeah that's pretty retarded :-(

104. LessthanZach

Posts: 106; Member since: Apr 29, 2008

Call performance wise: yes the Dare is better, just not in interface - look it up. Mogul is a PDA, therefore does not compete with Voyager, Glyde(which sucks), or EnV2 Rumor is about a year newer than the Alias The Chocolate 3 is actually a rather good phone. Cool features like Dashboard, large screen, and an FM transmitter all bundled with A2DP, 2MP Cam, VCast Video, and multitasking music all made by the highest ranked phone manufacturer by consumer reports: LG. It's NOT that I agree with his comparison, it's just that I don't find yours to be fair or accurate, either. And YES VZW is a better company because of our Cust Service and our network (not just our roaming agreements, who told you that?). Since when is cust service not a big deal? Since when is not having the best network that actually RUNS your toys not a big deal??? I just don't get the consumer....

113. unregistered

Just do yourself a favor, wait for an unlocked CDMA version so you can have the g-sensor too. Anyone see the "teeter" game for the diamond? Look it up on youtube, that alone is worth the wait.

116. unregistered

VERIZON ruined a great phone. the diamond is the best phone to hit the market this year and they just downgraded it to a piece of crap iphone on wm ... too bad you verizon customer wont be able to enjoy the diamond cause your carrier is to cheap to pay for the ORIGINAL spec and features to this phone.

118. unregistered

That's not true. The carrier absolutely has final say on what phones go on their network. So when HTC submits their device, the carrier takes a look at it and then decides on which features they want and which they don't. Either the manufacturer makes the changes, or they lose sales because the phone won't be offered by that carrier. So the blame rests firmly with VZW if they release a stripped down version of these devices. Seeing as how Sprint took the device pretty much in it's original form, I doubt they paid extra as speculated by many here.

120. unregistered

verizon cripples every phone they get I have worked for them and seen first hand.

126. szaldana

Posts: 19; Member since: May 20, 2008

I think the phone itselft doesnt need an accelorometer. What for? so the screen switches orientation, when it can do the same thing by sliding the keyboard out.

129. unregistered

cellphones are build on order for the carriers DUh vzw is cheap, sprint is trying to avoid defections

130. LessthanZach

Posts: 106; Member since: Apr 29, 2008

I, personally, am waiting for either the Raphael or the Thunder. The Thunder will have an accelerometer and will be all touch, and the Raphael will switch orientation with the simple slide of the keyboard. I do agree that the Diamond will be too similar to the current Touch (which I own and can't stand). I think I am just going to opt for the thunder seeing as I have better stability and enjoy the messaging and speed of the blackberry os much much more.

148. b unregistered

You're an idoit. All of vzw phones are lock or missing the best thing about the phone. All sprint phones are unlocked and aren't missing anything as far as what you can do with it. The rev a network kills vzw by far and the new 4g wimax will kill them more. Hands down you can do way more with sprint phones

151. Mike aka El Gordo unregistered

I used to work for sprint and cant remember how many times i sold a black berry world edition for them. yeah verizon has better quality phones in the long run but every provider is basicaly in the same boat when it comes to BlackBerrys. Only difference might be the black berry internet price plan. but i wont lie if the specs are true, it means sprint is starting to make somewhat of a comeback

153. Unlocked network unregistered

Verizon will most likely unlock their network next year so buy the sprint version full retail then use on vzw's network. I can only assume that installing a microSD reader takes up more space than static 4gb internal memory so some other stuff had to go. BTW - does anyone know if the raphael will have the motion sensor?

156. unregistered

get your info straight..... mogul= pda (try comparing it to the 6800 ...same phone on vzw)....voyager, glyde, env2 are not smartphones. rumor....just ugly and copy copy of the env... chocolate3....because it's a very good flipphone with more features (media wise) than anything sprint has in the same category or anyone else in the us for that matter. i have sprint and verizon phones. verizon has better selection of phones. sprint has a couple of phones i would rate good devices but overall...not even close. sprint does have less expensive plans though..BIG PLUS being a sprint customer also ...i feel as if sprint digging their own grave...hope not. but the writing is on the wall.

158. unregistered

I agree mostly about the Verizon Wireless stuff; however, Verizon FiOS is the best in the country for home phone, internet, and TV. Imagine, unlimited landline, 10 Mbps down/2 Mbps up, and 200+ TV channels for $100.00/mo...and for $12.00 more, you can get 20 Mbps download speads (un-fricken-believable).

159. LessthanZach

Posts: 106; Member since: Apr 29, 2008

FiOS will rock when it gets here (norcal). Can't wait, have all of my services bundled into one bill and all superior to the rest.

163. Big Kippa unregistered

ummm Sprint does have the blackberry world edition knob bobber, and guess what theirs is unlocked!!!!! Unlike Verizon who makes you use their SIM card when traveling globaly or it won't work. Sprint's 8830 can use any SIM card when international allowing much more freedom and cheaper international rates, do your homework please before posting. Sprint as 4 more phones coming out this year from Samsung alone, including a dual slider, and an evdo slider similar to the rumor. Voyager, Glyde, and ENV are garbage phones. Don't post shit if you don't know what you are talking about.

167. tazkaza unregistered

actually, verizon, being the carrier, has quite a lot of say on what features get into the phone. besides, if the phone has the features in the first place (i.e. the unlocked version released in Asia and Europe), then the carrier doesn't have to pay more for the features. that would make no sense.

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