More information emerges on the Kickstart

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More information emerges on the Kickstart
Fresh off his big Kickstart announcement, BGR has lots or new pictures and details. This one looks to be interesting, and squarely aimed at not only consumers but the young, hip crowd. Unique features, such as a luminescent ring around the external display, a battery door that can be customized with graphics and a slew of color options make the Kickstart the most radical departure from the traditional BlackBerry yet. The units themselves will be annodized and the battery door will be either soft touch metal, or low gloss for printing graphics onto it.

As far as features go, look for quad-band GSM/GPRS/EDGE (no 3G?!?,) OS 4.6 (the sexy new number found on the upcoming 9000,) WiFi, 2 megapixel camera, 3.5mm headset jack and a"next generation" SureType keyboard. Both displays will be 16 bit color, the internal display is QVGA while the external measures 160x128. The date isn't hard yet, but look for this to land on T-Mobile as early as September.

source: BGR



1. VZW unregistered

Nice of them to launch a breakthrough device on the worst network out there. We'll see who they launch this so called "touch screen" device with in the future. Hopefully Verizon Since they have the best network out there which includes 3G. Let T-Mobile have that non 3G garbage. ;u)

2. jrcrow79 unregistered

umm...Tmobile is ALREADY 3G man!..I have ATT curve 8310 with Edge enough..I am an engineer and have had verizon which I just threw out the window due to nickle n diming..again!..3g ISNT that're talking nanoseconds man!..geez and that doesnt included network traffic..think bout it! E

3. unregistered

Yeah. T-mobile just launched 3 g. for voice.

7. unregistered

yea in new your city. its nto available nationwide yet

11. lol unregistered

T-Mobile has only RECENTLY launched a 3G service. And even then, it is only for voice communication, so you can't apply it to all of the media on a phone. Plus, T-Mobile wouldn't be using the 3G for REAL TELEVISION like Verizon does. And like VZW said, Verizon is the vest network out there. ATT can't even cater well to a big city like Los Angeles, where as VZW can cater to even the smallest town in rural Texas because of the awesome network and reception.

4. babbo unregistered

WHat's breakthrough about this? It's a flip Pearl with some colored lights. Looks to be about 5 inches thick, too. Yawn.

5. FerneyZan unregistered

I really like it a lot,, but what I dont like,, is the fact that it will not a 3G phone.. that is a huge disappointment.. Specially since T-Mobile finally rolled 3G out starting in some markets... It also looks a little bit HUGE... Damn!!! But overall, as long as not bigger then the RAZR 2, I would had been interested to get me one if it was on VZW or ATT or even Sprint where 3G is mostly deployed..

6. VZW unregistered

They launched 3G in just 2 or 3 cities. Edge is basicaly 2.5G. about 250k compared to a Rev A device running about 1.4MB. big difference when your tethering your device. Which means those nanoseconds turn into minutes. I would say the only thing breakthrough for this device is the newer OS and the Flip/Clamshell design. Its a first for them which therefor means "breakthrough" If you like your inferior network with TMobile then stay with all the Somalians and typical garage sale atmosphere. Im glad to be nickel and dimed as long as its fast and its reliable.

8. Rev A unregistered

Rev A in some Markets is up to 2.0 mbps way faster than Edge

9. T-HUFF unregistered


10. DeeBee unregistered

Any chance this babe coming to Europe??

12. HeyTreTre unregistered

WOW! Im impressed My girlfriend would love this. She loved my blackberry but hated it wasnt a flip-phone What a great looking convergent device! ARRRG and I just bought her the RAZR2V9 for tmo for 300 bucks DAMN YOU RIM Coulda hinted at this earlier

13. Simdes unregistered

Clamshell blackberry?? - Good, good! *evil beaver*

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