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Mom destroys her kids' Apple iPhone 5c by blasting it with a gun and crushing it with a sledgehammer


Remember when parents would punish their kids by grounding them, or cutting their allowance? Modern times call for new plays in the parental punishment playbook. For example, one Southern mom was really ticked about a few things that her kids did, and was obviously determined to teach them a lesson. While someone records the whole thing, this mother verbally attacks that online Satan known as social media. "I hereby denounce the effects that social media have on my children. Their disobedience and their disrespect."

So Annie Oakley takes aim at her kids' Apple iPhone 5c , perched on top of a tree stump. One quick blast from dear sweet-old mom's long gun, and that handset is history. Her kids, understandably, are upset. We can only imagine that their iPhone was the only thing that allowed them to communicate with the civilized world. And now, their mom took that away from them. So the kids flip off their mother on camera. "I refuse to be cursed," she says. "I refused to be disobeyed. I take back my role as your parent." She fires at the iPhone again, and scores another direct hit.

An emasculated male, the guy who has been filming the whole frightening mess, picks up the pieces of what was once a working smartphone and gathers them on the tree stump. And this time, mom's firearm has been replaced by a sledgehammer. Holding it up to the sky as though she was getting it powered with the divine strength of the almighty, she bellows out, "My children's lives are more important to me than any electronic on this earth."

Here we learn about some of the transgressions committed by her offspring. They contacted people that mom doesn't know (no doubt asking to be taken away from this nut house they live in), they got involved in drama that they didn't need to be involved in, and were getting in trouble at school for having their phones out. And she effectively uses her new weapon to smash the iPhone into little pieces. "I'm done," she says as she walks away, either unconcerned or unaware about the ten tons of psychological damage she just inflicted on her kids.

source: DailyMail via CNET
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