Mobiado 105GMT Gold with or without diamonds – it’s up to you

Mobiado 105GMT Gold with or without diamonds – it’s up to you
If you have never heard of Mobiado, then you probably aren’t a fan of the ultra-expensive and luxurious phones. We’ve mentioned some of their products before; they differ from the rest with a unique design and a high-class production, made possible thanks to the very expensive materials… In the current case, the 105GMT Gold, as its name suggests, has some gold-plated elements and others that are made of ebony. The front and back sides don’t fall behind, as they are made of sapphire. On top of this, its size is pretty compact (5.03 x 1.87 x 0.41 inches), but we doubt that its weigh of 8.51 oz. will make it comfortable to wear in one’s pocket.

What’s unique about that phone is that below the keypad you’ll find two mechanical, self-winding Swiss watches, featuring hands made of gold. There’s even a more luxurious version of the device, with incrusted diamonds, pointing the hours and forming the “M” logo between the two watches.

In case your heartbeat has gone mad after reading this and you’ve suddenly felt an uncontrollable need to own the 105 GMT, you’d better hurry up to order it, because it’s edition is quite limited – there are only 50 units for the whole world.
source: Mobiado via gsmhelpdesk



1. unregistered

How do these people make money? Is there really that many people who buy these?

2. Jyakotu unregistered

Apparently so. Probably celebritites and those dedicated fashionistas.

3. T-Money3000 unregistered

Yea.. its amazing what the rich/famous will buy with left over money.

5. unregistered

Must be nice to not be affected by the failing economy :(

13. unregistered

How much is it?

16. unregistered

Yo Idk Im Gonna Steal It Yo

4. Ell@ unregistered

I will take the Gold with the Diamonds :p

6. Dexter unregistered

That is a nice phone...for me to poop on.

7. unregistered

not worth it

8. unregistered

wheres all the comments that are asking... whens vzw getting this?

9. D-bag above me unregistered

Whens VZW getting this?!

10. unregistered

Haha I love sarcasm you are what your name is.

11. unregistered

I got bored and surfed to there site, yes i was that bored. The specs are about the same as a midrange quad-band GSM phone. for THAT ridicilous a price, shouldnt it have slightly better than a 2MP camera and a 2" screen? gotta love a world were the economy is shot and you can buy a cell phone more expensive then someones car. pathetic.

12. unregistered

and probably you will like it if it is huge? I'll get it without a camera if there's one ... well, if I can afford it ;P

14. unregistered

i'd never waste my money on something that tacky. even IF i had the money. me visiting there sight was more of a boredom thing. amusingly, my 1.5yr old motorolla is better anyway.

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