Mobiado announced new limited edition luxury phone

Mobiado announced new limited edition luxury phone
The latest addition to Mobiado’s catalog of luxury mobile phones is Lucido, and it comes as a part of the Luminoso line. As the previous models from the maker, Lucido’s body is built from anodized aluminum with the front side made of a single piece, the keyboard is stainless steel and sapphire crystal is used for the display and the camera window. Only 200 units will be available and each one of them will have the lot number marked on its right side.

This phone definitely is a good-looking piece of machinery, but it is not that impressive under the bonnet and has the same features as the other members of the line. It is tri-band 900/1800/1900 and UMTS 2100, 262k colors QVGA display, stereo speakers with 3D surround effect, music and video players, FM radio and Series 40 user interface. There is no information about its price tag, but considering the included materials and the 200 units exclusivity, it is expected to be one of the most expensive devices of the company.

source: Mobiado via UnwiredView



1. unregistered

it look aweful

2. RyanKing unregistered

This looks really good. If I were going to blow some cash I would invest. I really like their product line very simple and solid.

3. xmguy unregistered

Hello 1990's! That thing is the ugliest phone I've EVER seen!

4. unregistered

its ok we can have mobiados anonymous at my house tonight. Bring a friend to sponser you! there will be snacks so have an appetite.

5. sanfranjan unregistered

i thought you were a believer, someone who wanted to blog about there ideals

6. unregistered

HAHA!!! Need a moment grab a Twix.

7. unregistered

"Is this a remote control in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?" "No, that's a Mobiado!" "Oh... Well, $%*# you too!

8. unregistered

its not ugly, but itsnot very pretty either

9. unregistered

yep, just like a brick :)

10. unregistered

Luxury Edition Phone. You are kidding right? what's luxurious about the phone? It actually looks more like one of those keys real estate agents use to unlock doors.

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