Mississippi prisons crack down on illegal cell phones

Mississippi prisons crack down on illegal cell phones
In a landmark move, the Mississippi Department of Corrections teamed up with Global Tel Link and Tecore Networks to help eliminate illegal cell phone use at their Parchman, MS penitentiary. Global Tel Link and Tecore Networks have created a system which filters cell traffic in order to neutralize unauthorized devices.

Almost 3,600 illegal phones were seized last year in Mississippi prisons. Authorities believe that they are being used for any number of purposes, including drug deals, escape attempts, and witness intimidation.

Amit Malhotra of Tecore Networks is quick to point out that while jamming frequencies is illegal, their system functions in a different manner. Their system "does not prevent all communications, just unauthorized ones," says Malhotra. When phones are brought in to the facility, they are added to the a database, and any unauthorized calls are stopped short of being relayed to the tower. The system also logs the information from stopped calls in order to aid in the investigation and prosecution of such illegal activity.

Just curious: Don't prisons still have pay phones (i.e. the original anonymous communication device)?

source: Associated Press via The Sprint Connection



1. cellgeek82

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@phonearena: about your "just curious" question... I work at a prison and they do have phones that appear to be pay phones but they use money in an inmate account. It works the same way your debit card works, run out of money and you're account declines. They put money on their phone account and it pays for the call. The phones DON'T work anonymously. The inmate has to have numbers they want to call pre-approved and added to the system. When the inmate wants to make a phone call they have to type a numerical code using the phone keypad to "log in" and start a phone call. Even with all this the phone calls are monitored and recorded. Not all prisons may do it this way, for instance county jails may be way different since most haven't been sentenced yet. And if you're upset because prisons monitor phone calls and mail, just don't get locked up. People fail to realize most of your privacy is no longer a right once you're in prison. Stay out of prison and "big brother" will leave you alone.

2. messiah

Posts: 438; Member since: Feb 19, 2010

Big brother is at every intersection, bank machine, mall, corporate affair, sports event, gas station, airport, damn even every taxi. Big brother has trust issues.

3. cellgeek82

Posts: 518; Member since: Dec 20, 2009

You're right about that. I was at a McDonalds drive-thru the other day and looked up and saw a big camera looking at me and there was a sign that said "Video Camera In Use For Your Safety" ...I was like, yeah right!

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