Microsoft to re-brand Windows Mobile as Windows Phone?

Microsoft to re-brand Windows Mobile as Windows Phone?
The Inquirer reports that Microsoft representatives mentioned the software giant is about to give its Windows Mobile brand a new name, Windows Phone and that the unofficial announcement happened at an event, where the company showcased upcoming products. The change in the name will affect several platforms, WM 6.1, WM 6.5 and WM 7 and all versions rolling out hereafter. Microsoft has stated that the change will benefit customers, because they won´t have to remember different platform numbers and end up confused. All they will need to know is that their handset runs Windows Phone OS.

The Inquirer also says they are going to publish a video, showing off the latest Windows Phone version this Friday (tomorrow). No official announcement has been made yet, but there´s still enough time until tomorrow, so we won´t be surprised to see Microsoft coming out with one later today. And while waiting, sound off your opinion and tell us what you think about the whole thing in the comments below.

source: The Inquirer via Intomobile



1. portal

Posts: 2; Member since: Jul 30, 2009

very smart decission ,,,to easy our head

2. edoftech

Posts: 2; Member since: Jul 30, 2009

does this mean that windows windows mobile will be changed from the three platforms into just one? With the non touchscreen version being branded the same as touchscreen, surely this is going to cause a lot of issues with software compatibility for downloading apps Windows really should be looking at making their software more user friendly in how to use it rather than what it is called

3. MTLance unregistered

Uh shouldn't MS just copy iPhone naming system? Uh wPhone? vwPhone sounds better ROFL. I wonder how the phone manufacturers going to like Windows Phone as it is being make by Microsoft.

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