Microsoft launches Windows Phone Avatar prop for Xbox in select markets

Microsoft launches Windows Phone Avatar prop for Xbox in select markets
For those of you that also own an Xbox 360, you’re probably aware that there are a ton of custom items you can purchase. In addition to various clothing items, there are a wide variety of props that you can add to your avatar to make it all your own. Microsoft has now made the Nokia Lumia 610 an available prop, but only in 2 markets as of now.

First it was found that users in Italy could follow a link to download a free white Lumia 610 for their Xbox avatar. Now, the Dutch Marketplace also has little Lumia 610s, but there you have a choice of black, magenta, blue, or white. We’ll post the links below for those of you that are in the eligible regions.

Hopefully Microsoft will run more promotions like this in the future. It is a different and interesting way to promote its own products. We’re not sure how many people would actually shell out Microsoft Points for a mini Windows Phone for their digital counterpart, but we think a number of people would rock it for a few days if its free. 

Italian Marketplace downloads

source: WPCentral


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