Microsoft confirms Denim update will replace Lumia Camera Classic with Lumia Camera 5

Microsoft confirms Denim update will replace Lumia Camera Classic with Lumia Camera 5
It has been a pretty long road to the Lumia Denim update for Nokia users. Microsoft announced the update back in September, and said that it would bring some solid updates to Nokia Windows Phone handsets, including faster camera speeds, better low-light photo quality, 4K video recording, and "Rich Capture" which is essentially auto HDR and other auto camera settings functions. More recently, it was rumored that the update wouldn't come until early 2015. 

Now, Microsoft is shedding a bit more light on how the update will work. Apparently, the update will not only add all of those improvements to camera functionality, but will introduce the Lumia Camera 5 app. Interestingly, Microsoft is hedging its bets with this new camera app by renaming Lumia Camera 4 as Lumia Camera Classic, and keeping that app available for download. So, if users don't like Lumia Camera 5 for some reason, they will still be able to install the Camera Classic. 

It's unclear why users would want to do this though. From the various change logs that we've seen, it does sound like the Lumia Camera 5 will be adding a lot more automatic settings functionality, so it could be that the Classic version will offer users more manual control; but, we'll have to wait and see. 


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