Microsoft Authenticator on IOS receiving new backup feature

Do you use an authenticator app? Do you have several passwords across several applications and log in with the authenticator so often that you may have forgotten the original passwords? Many people have and now Microsoft has announced it is answering those prayers. The company is rolling out a backup and recovery feature to IOS users of Microsoft Authenticator. The feature will keep your passwords stored in the app. If you happen to switch to another device, you simply need to log into Authenticator and your account information is already there waiting for you. This means users will no longer have to do this manually or lose their passwords during the move. 

Microsoft also explained that your account information is encrypted with the app and then that information is stored in your iCloud account. An authenticator app is a quick and convenient way to log into various accounts across an ecosystem. For people who constantly have their smartphone on them, it can take the hassle out of remembering every single password and saves time logging in. The information is encrypted, which may be safer than that old piece of paper you carry around. 

When is it coming and will Android users see it? 

The answers are now and yes. Microsoft stated that the feature is available now to beta users running v. 5.7.0. It expects to have it released to all IOS users within the next few weeks. As for Android users, the company said they will see the update later in the year. 


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