Metro New York City area says hello to T-Mobile HSPA+

Metro New York City area says hello to T-Mobile HSPA+
Today one of the grandest cities in the world, New York City, has been graced with even faster data speeds thanks to T-Mobile's HSPA+ coverage. The greater New York City metro area can now rejoice knowing that they can bask in the peppy speeds that come along with HSPA+ as there have been numerous locations that have started to offer the Rocket USB Laptop Stick. The cost of the USB stick is at a reasonable $50 after all mail-in-rebates, but its true reward can be found in the speeds found with HSPA+ which theoretically can get all the way up to 21Mbps on the down-link. So if you've been living with that slower last generation connection around the metro New York City area, then you might as well upgrade and experience the less waiting time required with T-Mobile's HSPA+. We'll see if T-Mobile will have any additional launches as it was heard that they were going to attack coastal cities first before moving into the heartland of the country,

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