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Maps for iPhone and Glass win Google two design awards

Posted: , by Victor H.

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Maps for iPhone and Glass win Google two design awards
Google has undergone a remarkable transformation - from a quick search engine with non-existent design to suddenly a company that is in the fore-front of design trends. The change happened when Larry Page took over and gathered all Google designers together under one roof to decide on the new ‘One Google’ strategy. And it paid off.

This year, Google is receiving two of Fastcodesign’s awards. One for interactive design and a special award for the design of Google Glass, the company’s yet unreleased but upcoming wearable computer.

The interactive design award went to Google Maps for iPhone, an application that was eagerly anticipated after the Apple Maps screw-up. It came and it shocked - not for its functionality that everyone knew would be there, but for its design that was intuitive, clean, gesture-based and modern. Who would’ve expected this of Google just a couple of years ago?!

Google Glass got awarded a special prize since it’s still just a bold beta, but it’s stylish and futuristic, and most people who’ve had a chance to wear Glass would tell it attracts a lot of eyeballs.

We’ve summarized all the winners in the slideshow and you can check the original design awards page right at the bottom.

source: Fastcodesign

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posted on 04 Oct 2013, 08:12 6

1. LetsBeHonest (Posts: 1526; Member since: 04 Jun 2013)

Google glass look stylish but i prefer it to be more like normal glass which wont be noticed by others..

posted on 04 Oct 2013, 08:27

2. itsdeepak4u2000 (Posts: 3718; Member since: 03 Nov 2012)

Wow lovely...

posted on 04 Oct 2013, 09:10 2

3. sum182 (Posts: 229; Member since: 19 Nov 2011)

Im very confused about wth number 5 is exactly......

posted on 04 Oct 2013, 11:06 3

4. Googler (Posts: 813; Member since: 10 Jun 2013)

Ouch, what an insult to Apple, their competitor gets an award for their maps application that runs on your phones/tablets. I'm sure the people in the Apple Maps team aren't too happy with this, but hopefully it'll spur them to get the thing fixed.

posted on 04 Oct 2013, 11:33 1

5. Fallout09 (Posts: 421; Member since: 17 Oct 2011)


posted on 04 Oct 2013, 20:18

6. moroninc (Posts: 193; Member since: 14 Jul 2012)

You can't just beat Google Maps in one shot they've been improving it for years and kudos to Google for upping the ante

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