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Man takes AT&T & Verizon coverage maps battle to new heights

Man takes AT&T & Verizon coverage maps battle to new heights
Call it one pretty crazy way to really exacerbate the the feud going on between Verizon and AT&T in regards to map coverage – or maybe not. This one person had the courage to create his own map helmet that shows AT&T's 3G coverage nationwide and went into stores trying to find a phone that could get him coverage in rural areas. Not only does he enter an AT&T store to get some assistance in getting a phone for himself, but then goes into a Verizon store where he is greeted to a bunch of humorous talk from employees. He definitely managed to stir up some attention as he even walked around to a local movie theater where people complemented him for his unique looking helmet. We've got to admit, he did a wonderful job in keeping his composure when questioned about the idea – still at the end, he was unable to find the provider or phone that he was looking for.

via Gizmodo


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