Major League Baseball to rollout iBeacon in 20 parks next week in preperation for Opening Day

Major League Baseball to rollout iBeacon in 20 parks next week in preperation for Opening Day
According to those familiar with the plans, Major League Baseball is going to start rolling out iBeacon next week in 20 parks. The idea is to have the technology in place by the end of March for Opening Day. Each of the stadiums will be outfitted with 100 iBeacons picked up from Qualcomm.. The stadiums involved include Fenway Park, home to the World Champion Boston Red Sox, and parks in Milwaukee, San Diego, Los Angeles and San Francisco.

The iBeacon technology will work with MLB's "At the Ballpark" app, which will be updated to allow for iBeacon support. The features will vary by ballpark and each home team is expected to have some control over how the technology is employed at their home park. You can expect some features such as a connection with concessions, memorabilia shopping, point of interest information and a rewards and loyalty program.

The NFL is using some iBeacons this weekend at Metlife stadium for the Super Bowl, and in New York City's Times Square. At the stadium, they will help ticket holders find the correct entry gate, and in Times Square they will help tourists find Super Bowl related attractions.

Apple is using iBeacon in its 254 Apple Stores. The hardware sends a low power signal which allows it to know exactly where some one with an iBeacon supported app is located. In the Apple Stores, those with an iOS device running the Apple Store app can receive targeted coupons for products that are an arm length in front of the shopper. In addition, someone who has ordered a product online can receive a message when he enters the store, telling him where he can pick up his order.

Turning back to Major League Baseball, the use of the iBeacon is not being done to generate revenue, at least not yet.The goal right now is to improve the experience of the fan. If you're interested, go to iTunes at install the At the BallPark app and make sure you sign up for a free account. Also, you need to opt-in to receive the signals from iBeacon. Android users can download the app from the Google Play Store, but it won't have iBeacon support.

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And before you hit the pillow tonight, you might want to know that MLB is working with all 30 clubs to add Wi-Fi connectivity at Major League Stadiums. Fans have complained that they cannot get a decent cellular or Wi-Fi signal at many MLB stadiums and the addition of a decent Wi-Fi signal should make fans happy.

source: AttheBallpark via AppleInsider

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