Loopy 2 is an app every beatboxer should have

Loopy 2 is an app every beatboxer should have
Do you like beatboxing? We aren't good at it, but enjoy watching people who are. One of them is Dub FX, known for his street performance using nothing but his talent, looping and effect pedals.  In the video below, he demos this new iOS app called Loopy 2. As its name suggest, it allows you to record up to six music tracks (lines) and then loop them, fortunately combining them to make some nice music. It is not this simple though, its features allow you to adjust the volume of each track, merge two of them or construct a complex track by combining a few simple ones. Check out the source link for the full set of features. What we see missing is the additional effects that Dub FX applies to his voice to make his songs even more exciting. Even without it though, Loopy 2 looks like a sweet app for beatboxing. It is currently priced at $2.99, but is expected to sell $5.99 once its launch promotion ends. 

Now, watch Dub FX demo it: 

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source: Loopy (iTunes) via SlashGear

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