Looking to pay $1 for the OnePlus One? Don't smash your phone yet

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Looking to pay $1 for the OnePlus One? Don't smash your phone yet
OnePlus has a smashing promotion, which we already told you about earlier this week. The Chinese manufacturer will sell its high-end handset for the princely price of $1, to the first 100 people who smash their current handset on video. Unfortunately, a large number of people have not read the rules correctly and have started taking all of their frustrations out on their smartphone, thinking that they will be able to replace it with the OnePlus One they buy for a buck.

People have posted a number of videos on YouTube, showing them smashing devices like the Apple iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy S III and the HTC One (M7). The problem is that the rules call for OnePlus to select 100 people at random. These 100 will be then asked to submit a video showing the destruction of their phone.  Ooops. The first 100 who send in their video will get the OnePlus One for $1 along with three invitations to buy the phone, that can be passed along to friends and family. The new phones won't be sent out until the beginning of May.

Now, surely some of those devices being hammered into oblivion weren't working in the first place. But for those who just didn't take the time to read the rules and then smashed a perfectly good phone to death, perhaps there will be a lesson that they can take away from this. Unlike the forum posting contest faux pas , which clearly was a mistake on OnePlus' part (and which they quickly corrected to their credit), if you broke your current phone for nothing, there is no recourse except to purchase a new one.

source: Reddit via BGR


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