Look up in the Sky! It's a bird, a plane, no it's Super Apps for BlackBerry devices

Look up in the Sky! It's a bird, a plane, no it's Super Apps for BlackBerry devices
BlackBerry has recently made use of the term "Super App" in some of its latest ads for BlackBerry App World. For example, the recent spot that showed a couple of female food bloggers using Urbanspoon to select which restaurant to write about, made use of the "Super Apps" name. Now, RIM has released a new video aimed at developers and corporations, urging them to produce "Super Apps" for BlackBerry devices.

So what is a "Super App"? As the video tells us, an app merely tells us the temperature and weather conditions while a "Super App" would take this information and integrate it with your calendar to remind you to bring an umbrella when you are "flying to Seattle". A regular app might give you the schedule of your favorite team. A "Super App" not only gives you the schedule, it will alert you when the game starts, when runs are scored, or as the video points out, "alert you when your favorite player is on-deck".

Obviously a way for RIM to try to get some power users to consider BlackBerry over the Apple iPhone or some of the powerful new Android models being introduced this week at the MWC, the whole "Super Apps" program breaks down if developers don't do the work that RIM is counting on. It might take some time to see if this becomes a successful marketing tool for BlackBerry, but in the meantime we can give RIM credit for coming up with a super idea.

source: BlackBerryOSForums


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