Logitech POWERED Wireless Charging Stand hands-on: More power, faster charging

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Accessories maker Logitech just recently revealed one of its latest offerings, the Logitech POWERED Wireless Charging Stand, which as its name implies is a wireless charging solution for your mobile devices. Specifically, though, it was designed in collaboration with Apple, so you know it’s geared towards the iPhone more than anything else.

What’s different with Logitech’s offering over other wireless charging systems is that it’ll actively charge the iPhone both in portrait and landscape. While it makes for a useful bed side stand for your iPhone, it’s also nice that you can proceed to watch a video or something while it’s on there. With a pretty sizeable pad, we didn’t have any misalignments of any kind when charging an iPhone X. And yes, it supports other Qi-enabled smartphones – like the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 that we tried out!

In a way, you could see some of Apple’s influence with its design, as the POWERED Wireless Charging Stand features a minimalistic design with an all-matte plastic construction. It’s quite simplistic honestly, as it’s comprised from what appears to be two pieces. However, our biggest complaint about it is that it leverages a proprietary charger. For starters, the cable coming from the back of the charger can’t be replaced – so if it goes bad, it means having to place the entire thing! On top of that, the wall charger itself is also proprietary.

Some of its other notable features include a fast 7.5W charging system, which is probably why it utilizes a proprietary connection, as well as sensors that intelligently monitors the temperature to prevent overheating. So, how much are you looking to spend to pick this up? Well, it’s available right now for $69.99 through Logitech’s web site.

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