Liveblog: Samsung's press conference at CES 2017

Liveblog: Samsung's press conference at CES 2017
Every year at CES, the longest line forms to attend Samsung’s media event. Media begin lining up hours before the presser, and 2017 is no different. In years’ past, Samsung has used this stage and large audience to make big announcements across a multitude of products.

Last year, Samsung Pay expanded to the company’s Gear S2 wearable, and Samsung also introduced the Windows 10 powered Galaxy TabPro S.

Outside of that, however, nothing else mobile related was touched upon, and to be honest, we are not expecting any major announcements related to mobile this year either, with Samsung pushing major announcements to more mobile-centric venues. We may see some information about the Galaxy A-Series devices, destined for sale in parts of Europe and Asia later this year, but other than that, it is anyone’s guess.

Still, we will not rule anything out. No matter what is unveiled, Samsung will be doing so in grand fashion, so keep this page open while we liveblog the event.

Samsung’s CES media event is scheduled to begin at 2:00PM PT | 4:00PM CT | 5:00PM ET | 10:00PM GMT!



1. CreeDiddy

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Samsung sold probably over 300 million iPhones with half the profit and product retention as Apple. About 50% of their phones sold were low end to midrange phones. A large portfolio explains that they are too diversified. Too much of their Low end, mid range, and then their Galaxy S-series Galaxy phones to satisfy the high end. In most cases, it's very hard sustain business this way unless you have a very appealing product.

2. darkkjedii

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3. tedkord

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Fortunately for them, they have extremely appealing products in nearly all their segments, plus a very robust parts business.

4. phldlphn unregistered

I love that Samsung provides a broad range of products, but some of their products suffer from neglect. Now, I was looking forward to getting an S8 and a Samsung branded laptop to match for some light gaming and general usage. I was excited about the announcement of a new gaming laptop since they hadn't produced one since like 2012. This Odyssey is junk, cheap plastic build and gaudy design. It doesn't have the robust strength of a ROG Asus or the sleek build of the new Alienwares and the card is weak, only a 1050. I don't know why they bothered to bring back a gaming laptop if it was essentially going to be the least spec'd, ugliest thing available on the market. Even HP and Lenovo laptop gaming rigs put this to shame.

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