Liquipel to offer licenses world wide

Liquipel to offer licenses world wide
Surely you remember Liquipel. Using its WaterSafe nanocoating technology, the company can make your handset water resistant with various levels of coverage depending on the particular device. Currently, those who want to have the nanocoating applied to their phone have to box it up and sent to Liquipel which is why the company is seeking licensees in other counties such as Japan, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Russia, Uzbekistan, Turkey, Namibia and South Africa.

Liquipel has three different levels of coverage. Level I covers quick, light water contact such as spills and splatters. Level II covers more moderate water contact such as a quick drop into a sink or toilet. The top level, Level III, protects your phone from heavy water contact such as a torrential rain storm or an unexpected push into a pool. Prices range from $59 to as high as $89 depending on how fast you need your phone back.

source: Liquipel via AndroidCentral

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