app brings funky language learning to your Android device app brings funky language learning to your Android device
The fun language-learning experience of now has its brand spanking new Android application, called " - collect new words." As the name suggests, it's a creative take on the chore that the uptake of a new language usually is. You can copy and paste new words to check their meaning in the app's smart dictionary, or you can key them in as a more traditional approach.

The app offers to harden your language apprenticeship skills by quizzing you with tailored flashcards or short game puzzles. Right now, supports most of the widely spoken languages, like English, Spanish, French, Hebrew, Arabic, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Czech, Dutch, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian and Turkish, and more are on the way. The personalized content can be shown in English, French, Spanish, Hebrew and Arabic. Check it out from the download link below, if you want to brush up on your French or other language in a light, unobtrusive way on your Android device.

Developer: Lingua.lyDownload: Android
Category: EducationPrice: Free



3. JulianGT

Posts: 89; Member since: Oct 15, 2012

any good one for japanese?

1. adwienc

Posts: 136; Member since: Mar 26, 2014

Duolingo is better.

2. buccob

Posts: 2981; Member since: Jun 19, 2012

yes... currently learning Portuguese, Italian and maybe German and French in the future :) Duolingo ftw

4. mere1331

Posts: 1; Member since: Apr 05, 2014

Duolingo isn't good for anyone but absolute beginners because it's too easy. You need more context than a sentence to challenge you at higher levels, plus I don't want to learn the words they tell me to learn. I study Spanish but I'm mostly interested in learning vocabulary related to the music industry so I've been using to look up words from the Madrid music scene's awesome

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