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Let's get soaked: 7 waterproof cases for the iPhone 6s

Let's get soaked: 7 waterproof cases for the iPhone 6s
There's a lot to love about the iPhone – it is a fast, versatile, smart device with outstanding design, a great camera, and access to the richest ecosystem of mobile applications. But perfect it is not. One of the iPhone's weaknesses is that it does not resist the elements as well as some other smartphones. In simpler terms, it is not water-resistant. Yet at the same time, it is estimated that about one in five smartphone deaths occurs as a result of liquid damage. 

Thankfully, some accessory makers have already put two and two together and have addressed the issue with their products. Indeed, there are iPhone cases designed specifically to protect the iPhone against water ingress. These waterproof iPhone cases may not be pretty, but they could make the difference between a dead and a fully-functional phone after an accidental dunk in the pool. And below we have some of the better waterproof cases for the iPhone one can find on the internet. Do check them out!

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