Leica was "deeply involved" in engineereing the Huawei P9 dual camera


A smartphone like the Huawei P9 can't go unnoticed. Announced earlier this month, it made headlines with its intriguing dual camera, co-engineered with renowned optics company Leica. This alone was enough to draw shutterbugs' attention, but to fuel excitement even further, Huawei promoted its latest flagship with a mighty bold tagline – reinvent smartphone photography.

Needless to say, expectations for the Huawei P9 and its photographic capabilities were set high, which is why the "news" of Leica having almost no input in designing the P9's dual camera sparked quite the controversy. Allegedly, the phone's camera was only "certified" by the German optics company, not co-engineered with it. In other words, it was speculated that the Leica branding was mostly for show. These reports have been inaccurate, as it becomes clear from this official joint statement from Huawei and Leica, embedded below.

To summarize, it is true that the Huawei P9 camera module was manufactured by a third party, Sunny Optical. However, it is the result of Leica's expertise in lens calculation. The latter was also involved in designing the camera's mechanical construction and developing its image processing algorithms. Hopefully, this should put to rest all claims that the Huawei P9 camera has almost nothing to do with Leica. And if you're curious to know how its photos look like, be sure to read our Huawei P9 review.

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