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Leaked pictures of Apple iPhone 5S home button show no fingerprint scanner

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Leaked pictures of Apple iPhone 5S home button show no fingerprint scanner
Leaked photographs of what allegedly is the home button for the the Apple iPhone 5S reveals some resemblance to the same part on the Apple iPhone 5 although the connectors and the circuitry are both apparently different than what is seen inside the current Apple smartphone. The serial numbers (821-1684-01 for the Apple iPhone 5S and 821-1474-A for the Apple iPhone 5) are close enough to make this seem believable. Also leaked is a photograph of a vibration unit for the Apple iPhone 5S. No serial numbers or identification appeared with the pictures for this part.

While one of the rumors about the next Apple iPhone was that it would offer a fingerprint scanner in the home button, the leak seems to put the kibosh on that rumor considering how similar the button said to be for the Apple iPhone 5S is compared to the one used on the Apple iPhone 5. On the other hand, leaked photographs purportedly of the loudspeaker module for the Apple iPhone 5S and the Apple iPhone 6 from back in January, suggested that the next-generation iPhone would be called the Apple iPhone 6 with a low-cost model named the Apple iPhone 5S. In that case, it still is possible that a home button with fingerprint scanning capabilities would show up in parts for the Apple iPhone 6.

source: NWE (translated) via AppleInsider

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