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Leaked internal document confirms BBM Video coming in BlackBerry 10

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Leaked internal document confirms BBM Video coming in BlackBerry 10
BBM Voice and Video will be available with BB10
Late last month, we told you that an update to the BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha phone featured a folder called "bbm_video" that hinted at a new Video feature for BlackBerry Messenger. Now, an internal RIM document confirms that the feature does exist and will be made available for BlackBerry 10. The document shows how the feature would work. Using BBM, a chat session between two pals or a salesman and customer can be quickly transitioned to BBM Video. And at the push of a button, a spreadsheet or presentation can be shared.

The documents show the set up of BBM Video with the phone owner's image on the bottom left of the screen and with a giant image of the other party to the conversation taking up most of the screen. BBM Video will launch after RIM already started offering BBM Voice which lets BBM members use the service to make voice calls over a Wi-Fi connection.

It's just another example of RIM's efforts to listen to what BlackBerry users want and give it to them. The introduction of BlackBerry 10 is coming on January 30th and we will see what other tricks RIM has under its sleeve.

source: MobileSyrup

Internal documents confirm BBM Video
Internal documents confirm BBM Video

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