Leaked accessories list for the Galaxy S7 family suggests Samsung will mirror Apple with a battery case

Leaked accessories list of Galaxy S7 family of devices suggests Samsung will mirror Apple with a bat
As has become typical of impending major releases by Samsung, a list of Galaxy S7/S7+/S7 edge accessories has been leaked, complete with pricing info—at least for the German market. Courtesy of German WinFuture, the selection includes a few surprises.

Starting with the biggie, Samsung appears ready to take on Apple head-on with a battery case of its own—and hopefully a less disappointing one from a design standpoint. The €89.99 ($99.9) case in question is listed containing a cell with a capacity of 2,700 mAh and, perhaps more interestingly, offering support for wireless charging. According to the latest rumors, the Galaxy S7 is expected to arrive on the scene with a 3,000 mAh cell, while the S7+ and S7 edge are said to pack a monster, 3,600 mAh juicer. If that proves to be the case (he-hee), the backup will prove insufficient as far as doubling your battery life goes.

The other interesting item on the list is the so-called Samsung LED View Flip Cover (€69.99, or $77.7), which is new for us. From what we're told by the source, the flip-type case will feature LEDs (duh) that will notify you when you have an incoming calls—and perhaps even notifications? In any case (you know it), it better do something cool, otherwise we'd have to think real hard about burying as much into an accessory. Lastly, a Leather Cover in at least black and brown is supposed to be launched alongside the new goods.

Other accessories include known Samsung products: S View Cover, ClearCover, Wallet Flip Cover, Glitter Cover, and the recently launched Keyboard Cover. Here's the full list, complete with what we guess are internal SKU nomenclatures:

source: WinFuture

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