Latest version of DataViz's DocsToGo for the iPhone adds Google Docs support

Latest version of DataViz's DocsToGo for the iPhone adds Google Docs support
Getting some work accomplished on an iPhone can prove to be a daunting task due to the fact that it isn't as conducive as the experience you get out of your computer. Granted though it's mobile, it still allows you the flexibility of getting some basic tasks completed – especially if you have DataViz's popular DocsToGo application on board. Allowing users to edit various Microsoft documents on the handset itself, the latest version adds some new things to the mix for users that rely on cloud based services. DocsToGo version 3.1 is now available for download and adds Google Docs support into its vast compatibility which essentially allows you to download, view, edit, save, and synchronize files directly on the handset. Despite its premium price tag of $14.99, it'll probably be a minor thing to look at when you consider all the work you'll be getting done in a timely manner between your spare time out of work. Existing owners of the application will get a free upgrade to version 3.1.

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source: DataViz via Mobileburn



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