Latest tour of the Nokia N8 demos its video & photo editing abilities

Latest tour of the Nokia N8 demos its video & photo editing abilities
Needless to say that Nokia now has the time to polish up some things with their upcoming Nokia N8, but that doesn't stop it from previewing to the world some of its rich multimedia features. We've already seen some of the wonderful looking photo and video samples taken on the Symbian^3 smartphone, however, this time around their guided tour goes into detail surrounding its editing capabilities. In particular, the video editing features can easily wow some people as it provides a handful of editing tools to allow mobile users to develop some spectacular looking videos on the go. Not only can you trim videos to your liking, but you can throw in additional elements like customized titles and transition effects to make it look like it was produced by a professional. In addition, we also see how the handset's support for USB On-The-Go causally downloads content from any USB flash source and throw them into your production. Based on the video demonstration, the Nokia N8 is already building itself as a multimedia packed handset that's sure to please inspiring future movie directors and producers.

Nokia N8 Specifications

source: Nokia Conversations via Engadget


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