Latest Uber app update makes it easier to see rider's rating

Uber has just announced a significant update has been released for its mobile app. Both Android and iOS users are eligible for the new version of Uber app, which brings a couple of new features and improvements.

The update introduces two major changes to the rating system, and both will be rolled out globally starting today. The first change is fairer POOL ratings, which will affect riders.

Whenever a rider rates a POOL trip less than 5 stars, they can select additional reasons why. Uber will not count the rating toward the driver's average if the reason is co-rider behavior or the route.

Secondly, in order to give riders more visibility into how they are rated by drivers, Uber tweaked the mobile app a little bit to make ratings much more accessible. If you want to see your rider's score now, you will find it displayed under your name in the app's menu.

According to Uber, these changes are crucial since they are meant to ensure that all those who use its services have a 5-star rate because they really deserve it.

source: Uber


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1. GreenMan

Posts: 2698; Member since: Nov 09, 2015

I'm probably just thinking out loud but Considering all those controversies surrounding Uber, I'm starting to wonder whether the "Taxi Mafia" has something to do with this or not... Its no secret that just like oil companies, Taxi companies also like to play dirty games just to stay ahead... And there no doubt that the likes of Uber are really strangling those companies and their monopoly... Here, Uber rides are a fair bit cheaper than local cabs, and so is the case with pretty much everywhere else. And all those controversies Uber is dealing with at the moment has sparked my suspecion... What if...? Remember Kaufmann's cabs in GTA: Vice City...?! Oh well, G'Day!

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