Latest HTC HD2 ROM upgrade provides improved message handling

Latest HTC HD2 ROM upgrade provides improved message handling
The ever growing news about HTC HD2 updates just keeps on coming with yet another one being made available for download. Much like what we’ve seen with the original release of the BlackBerry Storm last year, the HD2 has its fare share of problems that slightly hinders the overall user experience – but not to the point unusable. Slow and steadily though, they’ve managed to bring it up to specs thanks to a myriad of updates. The latest 1.66 ROM for the HTC HD2 addresses an SMS bug which will allow for improved message handling – it goes to show how the handset is being slowly tweaked to provide a seamless experience. Luckily, all the stemming issues have been addressed in a timely manner and displays HTC’s commitment in getting the smartphone up to speed in certain categories – still, it’s one of the coveted mobile phones available on the market. Although we’d like to say that this is the last update we’ll see, we know there’s still the faint possibility of it seeing Windows Mobile 7 - it's a long shot.

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1. SamTime

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Uh, didn't you guys already report the chassis requirements for WinMo 7? From what I remember, the HD2 doesn't meet the memory requirement.


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That is what I thought, with the 8GB on-board, but the HD2 will get WM7. I follow all the Windows Mobile website, so I know what I am talking about. Latest info even says MS is developing WM7 ON the HD2. The 512 ROM + a good SD card will be enough. Btw, the 1.66 ROM does a lot more than fix that SMS bug (I have never had it anywayz...) Most people on XDA are writing topics like "thank you HTC!". Overall the device works much better, keyboard less sensetive, no more short lag when unlocking.. you get the deal. To quote one of those happy people: it works even better and smoother now.. like the iPhone.

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