Last game of the Anomaly series is available on Android now

Last game of the Anomaly series is available on Android now
Anomaly is a relatively successful franchise that has brought 3 games to mobile – Anomaly Warzone Earth, Anomaly Korea, and Anomaly 2. It is a reverse tower defense (or, as the creators call it – a tower offense) game that has you defending Earth from an army of robotized aliens. Rather than building towers around lanes, the tower offensive game has you building units that attack the enemy's towers instead.

The 4th and last game of the series – Anomaly Defenders – has been available for some three months for PC now, and has just yesterday made the jump to mobile – to Android, to be precise.

In contrast to the previous games, Anomaly Defenders is a classic tower defense. The game takes place years after the previous titles and it seems that the humans have won the war on Earth. Now, in Ender's Game-style, the residents of Earth have taken things over the top and are on a genocide mission against the aliens. You play as a human commander, who doesn't agree with Earth's aggression, and who has been recruited by the aliens to help them defend their homeworld. You will be taking control of the same towers that you used to fight against, with some twists – such as instruments that help you manipulate the direction that enemy waves move in. Add to that environmental hazards that can surprise you at any time, and you've got a different type of animal than your typical run-of-the-mill tower defense.

11 Bit seem to have taken a more humorous presentation with this game, as well, which looks fresh, at least in the trailers. Check them out, below.

The game is currently available in the Play Store, though its release trailer is actually dubbed “Anomaly Defenders out now on iOS & Android ", so we suppose that an iOS release is not far behind.

Download ($3.99)

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