LTE devices to get substantially cheaper by the end of next year

LTE devices to get substantially cheaper by the end of next year
There is no denial that owning an LTE-enabled smartphone is pretty awesome as the entire web gets delivered to you at the blink of an eye. On the other hand, such handsets do not come cheap as the feature is reserved only for top-tier devices. For example, the LG Revolution is priced at $200 on Verizon's online store, the HTC ThunderBolt bears a $249 price tag and the Samsung DROID CHARGE sells for the even steeper $300 on contract.

However, according to a report by DigiTimes, prices of LTE devices might finally start dropping once chipset vendors begin pumping out LTE chips in volume. Supposedly, mass production of single-mode LTE chips is to start later this year with multi-mode ones to follow in the first half of 2012. As a result of that, LTE-enabled gear should get substantially cheaper by the second half of next year.

Until then, those of you who want to treat themselves to some 4G LTE goodness will also have to consider the premium price that comes along with it. Or perhaps turning to Amazon for a good deal on an LTE-enabled smartphone is also an option?

source: DigiTimes



1. SuperAndroidEvo

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This is true with any technology. When technology is NEW, it's always more expensive. When the mass production techniques get ironed out & become more cost effective then the price drops. So this LTE news follows the same trend seen in technology for the last 20 years or so. Good news because now LTE can start coming out on phones that are not necessarily high-end. Maybe sometime after the second quarter of 2012 you may start to see mid-range phones come out with LTE. So the person who can’t afford the top of the line phone can STILL experience LTE 4G! Good news for all! :-)

2. BooMarioKart unregistered

lte might actually slow down quite a bit when all when all these dual core lte device start selling. there's been reports of Verizon lte in some areas slowing down to 4mps down.

3. unknown mojo unregistered

oh so that's why the 16gb iphone costs $650 retail vs the 32 gb samsung charge at $550... oh wait, you mean LTE devices cost more to make and with double the memory they are still cheaper by $100 than an iphone? rip off of the century. apple sell iphones to carriers for some $200 more than comparable 3G smartphones and $100 more than LTE devices with double the memory. And now you know why Apple has so much cash, duh....

4. joe45 unregistered

I paid $220 for mine..from a friend who owns their own tmo/vzw store..thats with taxes

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