LG plans to sell 35 million smartphones this year, a lot of them with LTE radios

LG plans to sell 35 million smartphones this year, a lot of them with LTE radios
LG is determined to make a comeback this year, and it plans to sell 80 million phones in total, 35 million of which poised to be smartphones. That is what a senior LG exec told Korea Times in an interview, and he also specified that the company intends to ship at least 8 million LTE-enabled smartphones to plump up margins.

Last quarter LG pulled through and eked out a small profit from its mobile division for the first time since it started making the switch from feature phones to smart ones in mid-2010.

With handsets like the LG Optimus 4X HD, which was the first quad-core phone announced, and the innovative 5" LG Optimus Vu and LG Optimus 3D Max, as well as the trendy L-series design, LG has all the prerequisites to sell a little less than what it did last year, when it pushed 88 million phones out of the door.

Setting modest expectations for the year and then eventually beating them is a decent management tactic, but we'll see how it's coming along when the new handsets get at least a quarter of sales behind their back.



1. arcq12

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LG makes pretty good phones. They just can't get consumer trust for some reason. And they don't practice a good after-sales support like Sony, HTC and Samsung does.

4. JeffdaBeat unregistered

LG may currently make decent phones (I'll take your word for it), but for a long time, they made absolutely terrible phones. And this isn't restricted to features or specs. LG often made pretty shoddy products to the point where I avoided selling them because like clockwork, they would come back. But of course, I never took my sole experience as a way of judging a company's products. Sure enough other people on other networks had problems with LG devices for a good amount of time. Still, even without those problems, LG wouldn't have done well. It seemed like each carrier had their favorite company. Sprint had Sanyo. AT&T had Pantech and Samsung. Verizon had LG. But when Verizon picked up Android, it seemed like they kicked LG to the curb. There just hasn't been a resurgence since and I'm not too sure people really wanted to give them another shot.

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