LG nabs deal to get barcode application

LG nabs deal to get barcode application
Just when you thought that those G1 owners were really special with their barcode scanning application, here comes LG with a deal. LG is the third manufacturer other than Samsung who already had an agreed to have ScanLife’s 2D barcode app preinstalled on its devices. Scanbuy, the creative company behind the app, announced that LG is joining the wave of offering the barcode scanning app. Scanbuy’s CEO Jonathan Bulkeley said, “We are thrilled to announce this agreement with LGE. Their support will substantially assist in bringing 2D barcode technology to mobile subscribers around the world. Mobile data usage is increasing exponentially every day, and ScanLife solution will make it easier than ever to discover and navigate to content from anywhere.” The software itself allows users to use the camera on their phone to quickly scan the barcodes of products and provide results about it. People can use it to find out the best prices for a particular product from a variety of dealers.

source: IntoMobile



1. DonLouie

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Does Samsung have any of those in North America and is Lg planning on getting them here too

2. docflash

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since the scanlife download is free and is supported by all the US carriers (and i'd guess a lot of those in other countries) i don't see how this is a big deal. the carriers *want* us to scan things - it leads to more phone use. besides, the picture above may not be accurate - the 2D scans that scanlife.com offers are just 11 x 11 grids of black or white rectangles. this lets scanlife offer 2^121 = 2.65845599 × 10^36 different barcodes, which is a lot. 5 billion people scanning a barcode a second for a 10,000 years nonstop would use only 0.00000000000004% of the codes they have available. that's why they can offer free personal accounts to use for social networking, etc. my new e71 has this app - at first, i thought it would scan UPC codes, but apparently not. i'd like to find one that does.

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