LG announced two new sliders

LG announced two new sliders
Today, at the GSMA Mobile World Congress 2008, LG presented one of their main mobile phone concepts. According to the South Korean manufacturer, the touchscreen-technology is the future of the user interface and to prove that, the company introduced two new models, which utilize it.

KF700 is promoted as a media phone, equipped with a 3" LCD display, with a resolution of 240х480 pixels, which is optimized for video viewing and a 3-megapixel camera. The HSDPA support should provide enough speed, for you to enjoy the full screen web and video calling. Because the phone has a standard keyboard positioned on the slider in addition to the touchscreen, LG reassures us that operating the phone is fast and easy. We are not that impressed though, because we have already seen such a phone – HTC’s Touch Dual.

The other new model is KF600. The standard D-pad is replaced by the so-called InteractPad, which makes the phone very interesting. Its interface is trying to predict what the user wants and changes the buttons for the navigation, according to the menu one is in. This unique option, combined with stylish design and a 3-megapixel camera, won the KF600 the 2008 iF Product Design Award.



1. jvillan unregistered

it combines the slider keyboard of the venus and the full touch screan of the prada or the voyager can't wait to see one live!!!

2. Ed unregistered

LG sure does know how to design phones. the KF600 looks beautiful and so does the KF600 and KF700. The KF700 has an excellent concept and an easy-to-use one as well. The KF600 looks like a truely great phone and it looks like a major success. Unfortunately doesn't look te be the next big thing. Sure it's thin, but it doesn't really offer anything new, except for that it's the worlds 3rd-4th thinnest slider.

3. Scott unregistered

I wish the KF700 had a qwerty keyboard that slid out the side like the samsung F700. I want a thin, smaller phone that is comfortable in the pocket with a qwerty keypad but its basically impossible to find.

4. 3! unregistered

I was just thinking that! I want a Samsung F700-like-phone thats has the slide out qwerty and the size of the kf700 if they could combine the two and put them on verizon i would love them, i have the voyager and am not impressed... i like the qwerty keypad but i want a slider! maybe make it a 2 way slider... but it still needs to be thin...

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