LG V10 vs Apple iPhone 6s Plus: video stabilization quality comparison


The LG V10 and Apple's iPhone 6s Plus have two of the best cameras of any smartphone: both can capture video in super sharp 4K resolution and both support optical image stabilization plus some software tricks to get rid of shakiness in videos.

The LG V10 in particular features what LG refers to as OIS 2.0, an improved version of its optical stabilization system that the V10 shares with the G4, and both build over the LG G3, which had what LG calls OIS+. The difference OIS 2.0 makes is an additional, third, Z-axis of stabilization over the X and Y axes on OIS+. Stabilization in the X and Y axes has also been improved and added better stabilization for abrupt movements.

The iPhone 6s Plus also has an optical stabilization system that it uses in concert with software-based stabilization for the final video.

While this is all technical talk, what really matters is which of the two, the LG V10 or Apple iPhone 6s Plus, records smoother video with better video stabilization? We compare them side to side to see the actual difference, and it is immediately obvious that despite all the talk about OIS 2.0, video recording from the iPhone 6s Plus looks noticeably better stabilized. Just simply walking results in a noticeable shake especially noticeable towards the corners of the video on the V10, while the iPhone looks equally well stabilized across the whole frame.

Check out the side-by-side comparison right below.

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