LG Renoir launches, we got it!

LG Renoir launches, we got it!
It seems that LG has been rushing the top-shelf model Renoir, which was announced to launch during this month, and pulls it out today, on the very second day of October. We are nothing but excited, as it is pretty, slim, feature-rich, and we have it in our hands! We have positive first impressions, as it looks very well, feels slimmer than the Pixon and really lightweight! The software looks as a hooked-up Viewty and the camera interface may not be exactly what we like, but we’d give it a test, so expect our review of the Renoir!

If you’ve been living under a rock in the last couple of months, here are a few of the specs of the phone: it has an 8-megapixel camera, touch display, 3G, Wi-Fi, GPS, and support for both DivX and XviD video.

In its press release, LG also shed some light on the still unannounced KC780 slider, which is “super slim” at 13.7 mm in thickness.

source: LG

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10. unregistered

How Much does the renoir coast? u can email me with the answer if u can plzz

7. jrcrow unregistered

qwerty pics would be nice unless no keyboard..useless you me

8. unregistered

If I'm following your comment, the phone DOES have an on-screen QWERTY board, just as the Viewty did. There are pics of this up are gsmarena.com.

6. unregistered

Very awesome. I'm thinking of importing this regardless, but I do look forward to the review.

5. unregistered

it supports divx and xvids? its about time a phone did have such support that wasn't a full blown pda.

3. Magiclink unregistered

When the phone is available? And when you post preview or review? My english is bad,Thanks!

2. rahovec unregistered

I'm very curious to see photo & video quality of this cameraphone and bottom line of review.

1. unregistered

awsome! i want that phone xD. Although i'd probubly never use anything past texting in certain parts of the year.

4. rangerCN unregistered

awsome, not really it may be nice and is dat poor sunlight legibility i see. i,m not hating ppls.

9. lee65 unregistered

I sooooo cannot wait for this mobile.....got a friend at LG says it is spectacular.!!!!!

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