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LG G Pro 2 vs Note 3 vs HTC One max specs comparison

LG G Pro 2 vs Note 3 vs HTC One max specs comparison
LG just lifted the veil over its largest phablet to date, the G Pro 2, and the handset is everything that it was rumored to be - large and resolute display, keys on the back, fast Snapdragon 800, generous 3 GB of RAM and a 13 MP shooter with a newer OIS breed.

How does it compare to the other high-end phablets out there? Let's see, on one hand it is taller and somewhat wider than the Note 3, but sports the same slim chassis, and has a 0.2" larger screen to boot, so LG definitely did well here. That's especially visible in comparison with the other brand name 6-incher - HTC One max - which is way taller, wider, thicker and heavier than the G Pro 2 even. Granted, HTC had to accommodate its excellent BoomSound dual speaker system at the front, and a fingerprint sensor on the back, but still. LG and HTC flaunt LCD displays, while the Note 3 keeps it AMOLED, but these three companies have proved they can put excellent panels on their flagships, so you are unlikely to regret your purchase when it comes to screen quality.

In terms of processing power, the G Pro 2 is an exact match to the Note 3, with the fastest current Snapdragon 800 processor, and the record 3 GB of RAM, while the One max makes do with a lower-class Snapdragon 600, and 2 gigs of RAM. The faster phablets also offer the generous 32 GB of internal storage from the get-go, against HTC's 16 GB, but they all have microSD slots for storage expansion - one has to carry all those movies somewhere.

LG G Pro 2 shines in the camera department as well, as it is the only one offering a 13 MP shooter with improved optical image stabilization tech inside, putting an end to blurry shots and shaky footage. The Note 3 also carries an excellent 13 MP unit, but without OIS, while the One max tags along with HTC's UltraPixel shooter that is somewhat light in the detail department, due to its comparatively low resolution.

HTC's phablet excels a tad in the battery capacity department, offering 3300 mAh unit, against the 3200 mAh juicer in the other two, but in reality the difference is likely to come from overall consumption rates, rather than battery capacity. Overall, LG did great with the G Pro 2, offering top-shelf specs in what can be considered a compact body, as much as it is possible with a 6-incher, so it will definitely be on the radar of those looking for a good big-screen handset, unless you are bent on the input options that come with Samsung's Note 3 stylus.

LG G Pro 2 vs Samsung Galaxy Note 3 vs HTC One max

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