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Kyocera phone transmits sounds through tissue, makes calls clear as day

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Kyocera phone transmits sounds through tissue, makes calls clear as day
When it comes to making calls, all phones, no matter how smart or dumb they are, work pretty much the same – a microphone on the unit's bottom captures your voice, while you listen to the other party through a tiny speaker above the device's display. That is old and familiar tech.

Kyocera, however, is demonstrating a phone at CTIA 2012 that uses a different principle. In a nutshell, the earpiece is replaced by a ceramic transducer that generates vibrations on the device's front side. Once the phone touches the user's outer ear, these vibrations are transmitted over the skull tissue and travel straight to the inner ear. The result is clear sound that does not interfere with background noise. Now that's what we call innovation!

The ceramic transducer has been developed by Kyocera itself, which is not surprising considering that the company has extensive background in applied materials, especially ceramics. John Chier, director of corporate communications at Kyocera, said that such technology has been initially designed for advanced hearing aids, but reduction in costs has made using it in phones feasible. The first Kyocera phones equipped with a ceramic transducer will hit the Japanese market soon, followed by an introduction to the U.S. market.  

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source: GigaOM


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